Working for you in retirement

Rules of the Association




1.      The name of the Association is – Gwent Police Pensioners Association. (Which lay be subject to amendment by any subsequent change to the name Heddlu Gwent Police).


2.     Objects:


  1. To promote measures for the welfare of members or dependants and give support in time of need.
  2. To raise funds to carry out the OBJECTS.
  3. By exercising prudent policies and sound administrations ensure the financial well-being of the Association, for the benefit of present and future members.


3. Constitution:

a. Membership of the Association shall be open to every person who, having retired from a SPECIFIED POLICE FORCE, is or will be entitled to a pension because of Police Service, and also spouses, widows or widowers of such pensioners, and the widows and widowers of Officers of the did SPECIFIED POLICE FORCE, who died in service.









Any person already enrolled as a member of the: – Gwent Police Pensioners Association by virtue of rules or precedent shall not be debarred from membership by Rule 3(a) 09. They may continue this membership.


4. Associate Membership:

May be granted by the Association to any person. Such member shall not hold any office or be granted any vote. They shall pay a subscription as determined by the Association at AGM.


5. Life Membership:

May be conferred at the Annual General Meeting upon any member         (as defined in Rule 3(a) (19), who has given exceptional service to the Association.


6. Exclusions:

The Executive Committee may refuse or withdraw membership of the Association from any person. Their decision is final.


7. Defaulters of Subscriptions:

Any person who is required by the rules to pay an annual subscription and who defaults in payment of subscriptions shall be deemed to have disqualified him/herself from membership until the position is rectified (provided they are not exempt by any other rule).


8. Quorum: A quorum of at least seven members will be required to convene any meeting.


9. Annual General Meeting:

The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held in September of each year, at a suitable venue and refreshments will be provided.


In addition to the ordinary business, the members shall elect by a majority vote:-

(a) A President

(b) Life Vice-president/s

(c) Vice-president/s




(d) A Chairperson

(e) A Vice-chairperson

(f) Secretary

(g) A Treasurer


The Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer shall be the TRUSTEES of the Association, during their term of office.


(h) A Committee (Nos. unspecified)

(i) If any member will accept the post of-

Assistant Secretary

Assistant Treasurer


they may be appointed and given committee member status. (If more than one member is prepared to stand, a ballot will decide on majority vote). They shall be added to the number of elected committee members:

(j) A member to organist the Annual Prize Draw

(k) A member to organise the Annual Outing

(1) Appoint two members as ‘Examiners of Accounts.


10. Matters of Debate.


Members who wish to raise matters for debate at the Annual General Meeting will be required to formally write out their proposals, properly seconded by another member and placed in the hands of the Secretary 21 clear days before the date of the AGM.


11.    An EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING may be convened by:-

(a)  The Executive Officers acting in their capacity as Trustees

(b)  The Executive Committee by majority vote

(c )  By the Petition of at least 25 members to discuss any urgent or pressing matter that cannot wait for the AGM.


12.    (a) Finance:


The Executive Officers will be responsible for presenting proposed expenditure for the following year and will make provision for a Reserve  Fund. All financial matters to be the subject of  “Annual Review” at the AGM.


(b) Use of Funds:

The Executive Officers may apply funds to the furtherance of the OBJECTS of the ASSOCIATION.

Any major welfare project must be referred to members of the Executive Committee.

Amendment: The Treasurer and any one other executive committee member may make a decision to award financial assistance to a member or widow for welfare purposes.  If the sum is to exceed £250, the decision must be referred to the Executive Committee.  (Amended AGM 2014)

(c) Examination of Accounts

The Association’s Financial Year shall be from 1 September to 31 August the following year.


Accounts shall be examined annually by two members appointed at the AGM.


13.    Withdrawal of Funds:


Two signatures will be required in respect of withdrawal of funds as follows-



and either:





14.    The Annual Subscription Rate for members shall be set at the AGM by majority vote.      Currently £5.00 per annum.


The Subscription shall include membership of a spouse of a member (Under Rule 3(a) (18).


15.    Exemptions to Rule 14:

(a) Widows Widowers of members of a specified Police Force

(b) Life Members.


16.    Out-of-pocket Expenses:

Any person who can show cause that they incurred expense on behalf of the Association may make a claim for reimbursement.

The Executive Committee shall enquire into the claim and satisfy themselves regarding validity and amounts claimed.


If payments are made, a receipt must be obtained.


17.    Conduct of Meetings:


Shall be under the ruling of a Chairperson, who shall conduct the meetings in accordance with the accepted protocol.


18.    Executive Committee: (Comprised of The Executive Officers and Committee Members with necessary quorum.


The Executive Committee shall meet as and when required and at least once every quarter. Seven members, inclusive of Executive Officers, shall be needed to form a quorum.


They shall determine all matters pertaining to the function of the Association (except those dealt with at the AGM). ‘ It shall be under the control of a Chairperson (who may be the elected Chairperson – The elected Vice-chairperson), or if neither are present, by a Chairperson elected by majority vote of members present.


All matters to be put to majority vote and in the event of a “tied vote” the Chairperson will have the right to a casting vote.

The Executive Committee shall have authority to cc-opt any person from tulle membership who has specialist skills to perform any duty in the interests of the Association.


19.    Duties of Executive Officers:


The Chairperson will conduct meetings in accordance with accepted protocol and prepare an AnnuaI Report for the AGM for that year and also proposed expenditure for the next year following.


The Treasurer will account for all monies, gifts, goods received on behalf of the Association and account for expenditure. He will prepare books and balance sheets of funds for annual inspection and report at the AGM and at any time when required).


The Secretary will keep notes and records of the Association and its meetings and furnish an Annual Report at the AGM.


20.    Members Meetings:

These shall be held on the last Wednesday in the months of February, April *  and November of each year, at a venue to be decided.

They shall be in the cordial atmosphere of a social occasion and refreshments may be provided.

The Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurers shall each submit a short interim report.

The Chairperson shall at conclusion of the Executive Officers reports, invite questions on an informal basis.

When discussion is ended, the Chairperson shall close the meeting and invite members to enjoy the social activities.

* Amendment: Spring meeting moved to last Wednesday in April instead of May (AGM 2014)

21.    Raising Funds:

The Association will endeavour to raise funds by:- An Annual Subscription – the rate to be decided at the AGM.


An Annual Prize Draw.


22.    Annual Prize Draw:

The Organiser shall be responsible for ensuring all legal requirements are complied with and the draw conducted properly and in accordance with relevant legislation.


The organizer shall prepare a balance sheet of income/expenditure and a list of prize winners.


The Sponsor shall be the Secretary whose name shall appear on the tickets.


The first four prizes – cash prizes – will be determined at the AGM and supplied by the Treasurer of the Association.

All other prizes (donations), may be added to the list.


23.    Annual Outing:

The ORGANISER shall be in SOLE CHARGE of arrangements. The venue will be decided at the AGM.


The organizer shall prepare a balance sheet of income/expenditure.


24.    Alterations to Rules:

To be subject of a 2/3rd majority at AGM provided that 21 clear days notice has been given to the Secretary before the date of the AGM.


25.    Funerals of Members:

The wishes of the next-of-kin will be sympathetically considered. The cost of Flowers/donations may be met by the Association.


26.    Disbandment – Intention of:


Notice to be given by post to ALL members of intention to disband and an emergency General Meeting to be called.


The Trustees to inform ALL members of the reasons and provide up-to-date statements of accounts and assets.


The Trustees will answer questions and make recommendations.


No disposal of any kind shall take place before ALL OUTSTANDING  DEBTS are cleared.


The Trustees to take full account of the wishes of all the members.

A postal vote may be necessary to ascertain majority decision.


Consideration may be given to transfer assets and monies to The National Association of Retired Police Officers (Gwent) Police Branch).




AGM  means Annual General Meeting.


Words shall be given their ordinary dictionary meanings.


In contention issues of interpretation the Executive Committee  shall be the deciding authority.


In order not to set precedents, each case of dispute shall be decided on its own merits.



Any change in marital status shall not of necessity debar a spouse from membership (provided they are not disqualified by any other rule).




Widows, Widowers and any dependent children.